Paradise Collection (MOBILE)

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Paradise Collection (MOBILE)

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The Paradise Mobile Collection has 11 unique Mobile Adobe Lightroom presets, each of which designed to enhance different colors in your photos.

This preset collection was designed specifically for tropical settings (think Bali, Thailand, & Vietnam), but can easily take any photo to the next level. I use this pack for every story photo seen on @backpackwithme, and I highly recommend this collection if you’re a fan of vibrant colours.

The Paradise Mobile Collection includes:

  • 11 unique presets, perfect for jungle greens, tropical blues, dreamy sunsets, and SO much more.

  • Preset Names: Adventure Blues, Adventure Greens, Uluwatu Flowers, Wanderlust, Seashell, Splash of Color, Chill Blues, Palm Beach, Tropical Vibes, Chasing Waterfalls, Nusa Blues

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*These mobile presets will need to first be downloaded using a computer, and then transferred over to your phone to use on the FREE Adobe Lightroom App, available on the app store - tutorial below!

Email with any preset-related questions

Keep in mind that all presets work differently on every image, depending on the camera used to take the photo, lighting, colors, & location. This collection was designed using RAW images which will get you the best results, but also works wonders on JPEG images!

These presets are often times a one-click edit and will give you a great base to start from, but your edits will be AMAZING if you can learn to adjust the settings individually to perfect each photo after applying a preset.

This is a MOBILE collection (not desktop), and you will receive the presets via a .zip file directly via email after payment. It will also include a Help File with instructions on how to install your presets on your FREE Adobe Lightroom app, or check out my blog post on how to download and install them!

Important Note: *Make sure you have updated Adobe Lightroom app to the most recent version - Mobile Presets are .dng files