I've been to my fair share of tropical locations in my life, but let me tell you: Tropical North Queensland takes the cake. On Thursday, Dom and I packed up the van and headed 8 hours north to spend the weekend exploring Cairns. We had heard it was beautiful, but boy was that an understatement. Now, we're not city people by any means (cities make me feel uber claustrophobic), but Cairns proved to be more of a tropical oasis than a bustling city, and we LOVED it!

For our 3 days in Cairns, we stayed with YHA Australia at the Cairns Central YHA, and to be honest it felt more like staying at an island resort. Everywhere you look there is tropical palms, bright flowers, huge ferns, fountains - pretty much my dream hostel. READ MORE



If you're a fan of flowers, ivy-covered buildings, and rows of pastel-colored houses, then London is the place for you. London in the summer is a completely different world to London in the winter, so if you want to make the most of it - and get the best pictures - plan to visit sometime between May-September. I walked tirelessly all over the city to find the prettiest, most Instagram-worthy shots, so check out my must-see London locations below: READ MORE

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