Hey there - thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m Jess, and i’m the founder of Backpack With Me - AKA the Girl Behind the ‘Gram!

I’ve been living on the road since 2016, hopping from country to country with my ever-so-wonderful fiancé @domexplores. We’ve had countless temporary homes including a bungalow in Thailand, our parents houses in London & New York (freeloaders LOL), an amazing converted van named Marshmallow in Australia, and wherever the wind (or planes) take us!

Currently, we are living in a big red ex-Royal Mail van (yes, it has it’s own Instagram) that we converted ourselves, which gives us the freedom to work from the road while also bringing our home with us!

There’s much more to me than what I choose to show on Instagram, so send me a message and get to know me! I LOVE to meet likeminded travel-lovers and swap adventure stories.

Happy Travels and please don’t be a stranger! x