A Weekend in Paradise: The Hamilton Princess Bermuda


Having lived in New York for a good portion of my life, i’m embarrassed to admit I knew very little about Bermuda, the small tropical island just hop skip and a jump from NYC (besides of course the ever-so-infamous tale of the ‘Bermuda Triangle’). But after three days of exploring the island, I will be forever dreaming about this little 22-mile-long oasis.

Two weeks ago I jumped on a plane at JFK, and touched down just a little under two hours later in what i’d equate to be paradise. Vibrant blue water, coral reefs, cute marinas, and tropical plants scattered along the roads.. I honestly was so tongue tied and lost for words because no part of me realized Bermuda looked THAT good.

I met my driver outside the airport who thankfully didn’t judge me one bit for hopping in the front seat with him and pressing my face up against the window like a child. I’m sure he was used to that after living in Bermuda his whole life.

After a short but sweet drive around the island towards the city of Hamilton, we arrived at my hotel for the weekend: The Pink Palace. Otherwise known as the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club!


The Hotel

The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is one of those places you see in travel magazines and think “holy cow, places like this actually exist?” I can vouch for that, because I was one of those people who, upon Googling the hotel, whispered those exact words to myself (while picking my jaw up off the ground). Bermuda is known for its pastel-colored buildings, and the Hamilton Princess is no exception, because it’s COMPLETELY PINK!


Upon arriving at the Hamilton Princess, I was treated like a princess. The doorman (pictured above) literally sang to me and melted my heart. He even has a YouTube video if you want to get serenaded yourself.


Wherever I am in the world, there’s nothing I love more than sparking up a conversation with the staff, and let me tell you something: the staff here were unlike any other. Their smiles were infectious, their willingness to help was unbelievable, and they were some seriously HILARIOUS humans.

After a breezy check in I dropped my bags in my gorgeous room (check out the epic view from the balcony in the photos below!) and headed out to explore the grounds.

The Hamilton Princess has no shortage of impressive decor, from famous artworks lining the hallways, to tropical plant pathways, to cute pink-walled photo op spots! It is far too easy to take beautiful photos there.

There are two pools, one adult-only if you want some quiet time, and the other being an infinity pool. I opted for the infinity pool each time though, mainly because it was one heck of a sunset spot. Need some convincing? I’ll just leave this here…

The food

If you want to enter food heaven, then you have to eat at Marcus, the Hamilton Princess’ on-site restaurant. With a menu featuring appetizers like fried chicken & waffles, lobster tacos, and fish chowder bites, it quickly became apparent that I should have brought my stretchy pants. I wanted to try EVERYTHING, and I think I pretty much did. I’ve never fallen in love with food harder than I did at Marcus. Tip: Make sure to try their famous signature drinks like the Rum Swizzle! It makes everything taste even better (if that’s even possible?) and is the perfect sunset drink.


The Beach Club

While we could have easily spent every waking moment at the Hamilton Princess pools, we also opted to catch their (very cute) pink and white bus over to the Hamilton Princess Beach Club. It pulls up to the hotel entrance every 45 mins, and the driver gives you a little bit of Bermuda history + some fun facts along the way to the beach. It’s only a 15 minute drive, but you get to pass beautiful sights like Warwick Bay and Horseshoe Beach along the way. Keep your camera handy!


It was clear upon pulling up to the entrance that this was no ordinary beach club, because from the window seat of the bus I could spot a little sandy beach dotted with palms down below. The bay had the most turquoise water with ocean hammocks to chill in, and was the epitome of the perfect place to relax.

They also had free activities like paddle boarding, snorkeling, and kayaks, which made for an epic day of fun. My advice is to also check out the view from the rocks on the far side of the beach! There is a little pathway that opens up to a gorgeous blue-water viewpoint, and is great for some photo ops.


While i’ve stayed in some beautiful places before in my lifetime, I can honestly say, hand on heart, that the Hamilton Princess takes the cake. The staff, the food, the room, the decor, the beach club - literally everything combined to make it the weekend of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to return someday!

And if you’re still not sold on visiting Bermuda, then take a quick look at some of my other photos from my adventures around the island.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fairmont Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. The opinions and text are all mine.