As backpackers, we learn over time that the best trick to traveling is to pack light. We practically fit our whole life into a backpack or carry on, and live this way for days, weeks, months, and even years at a time. Each time I pack up my bag and head out on a new adventure, I become better and better at scaling down my life into the necessities: clothes, passport, camera, first-aid kit, and then i’m usually good to go. This past month, however, i’ve discovered another item perfect for my lifestyle, and that’s the TRONO.

In the simplest way of explaining, the TRONO is a light, inflatable chair for an “on-the-go” type of lifestyle. But hear me out: it comes as a piece of material that you can’t help but think “there’s no way this turns into a chair”, but then you literally wave it around in the air, and voila! It transforms into the comfiest chair imaginable. Since it’s so lightweight, it’s perfect for everything: hiking in the mountains, chilling around a campfire, relaxing on a tropical beach - you name it, the TRONO is perfect for it.

I’m a huge fan of anything that makes life easier while traveling, and the TRONO does just that. Rather than scouring the tourist-filled beach for an empty chair to lay on, I can set up my TRONO anywhere I want - not to mention it’s a whole hell of a lot comfier than the generic beach chairs! If you want to try the TRONO out for for yourself, take a look at their website at and let me know where you end up taking yours!